I have used a number of products in my saltwater pool with minimal effect. It always has a green tinge and water issues. I found BN solutions pool enzymes and have not needed anything but salt for my pool since. It cleared up my pool very quickly. I will not use any other products again.
Lyn Shephard

Home owner

I have found Wee Off an unbelievable product!
As a commercial cleaner I often get clients requiring urine treatment. I turned to bio natural solutions after spending close to $400 on a number of different products that failed to work. Gary patiently listened to my predicament and straight away sent me 2 bottles of Wee Off. I returned to site and applied the product as Gary had instructed, and within 30 minutes the room was starting to smell a little better.
I returned to the site 24 hours later and the stench had completely gone! I would recommend Wee Off to anyone that has pets or is in the cleaning industry.
This product is amazing! It really works!
Leslie Mupeta

Business Manager, Handy Cleaning Services

I have been in the hotel/motel industry for over thirty years and have become quite sceptical about products that promise a lot but deliver little. The bio natural range really only does one thing! IT WORKS!!. I might be old fashioned but I also just love the prompt personalised service from this “Australian made” company!
Lake Waterfront Motel

My wife & I came across B.N.Solutions at 2018 Elmore field days. We have had constant trouble with our septic system since its installation 3 years ago. The sales woman at the field days gave us the big spiel in regards to SEPFIX & all it could & would do. We had tried a number of products with the same sort of sales pitch & thought well what have we got to loose. WELL. This product is everything it says it is & everything it says it does, Since using SEPFIX we have not had any odors at all, no more black water from the end of effluent lines & not had a blocked toilet. It is everything it says it is, Follow the instructions & you will not be disappointed. Jodie & I highly recommend this product, we will be returning customers for as long as we live with a septic system. Thanks much, Regards, Kim, Seymour.
Kim. Seymour.

I’d just like to thank you for bringing such an amazing product to market. After getting highly frustrated at the amount of strong chemicals in “green” supermarket cleaning products I did some research and stumbled on probiotic cleaning products as a better alternative. I had some success with other brands but I was pleased to find that you not only sell bulk (making it incredibly cost effective) but I find your product is more effective and versatile especially for the heavier jobs like cleaning showers and bathrooms (even had success loosening the grime on our oven which scrubbed away easily after spraying and leaving on for a couple of days straight). If people could understand just how superior it is to clean with probiotics and how the ‘good’ bacteria crowd out the ‘bad’ bacteria on the microscopic surface level then I’m certain more people will probiotics as a greener way way to clean. It took a little time to transition over as I had to modify some of my old cleaning habits (like the urge to wipe the cleaner off straight away). Now I use probiotic cleaners for just about every purpose.
In particular some successes I’ve had (where standard cleaners haven’t done the job) is removing the yellowing from the material on a bedhead just by dampening the area and then spraying bio blitz at medium to heavy dilution. I also cleaned out a strong mould/musty odour in the car from water leaking into the boot by spraying at the heavy cleaning dilution. Also great for cleaning glass at very light dilution. Its much more convenient to now buy only one products and mix to my own needs. Thank you once again.
Regards, Helen

“The dam water in my horse’s water troughs was murky and growing very slimy, green algae. I was amazed at how quickly just a small amount of Trough Buster cleaned the water up, and how many weeks the troughs have stayed clear for.”

I purchased a bottle of Bio Blitz biological cleaner at the Lardner Farm Field Day in Gippsland. I was attracted by the concept of a natural chemical free product that uses good bacteria to consume bad bacteria and in the process clean, and deodorise whatever environment it is applied to. About that time we purchased three bar stools from a home where the residents smoked. We didn’t realise just how much the fowl smoke smell had penetrated the cloth cushioned stools till we got them home into our own house. They reeked! As advised, we gave them a light spray with water to provide some moisture to enable the good bacteria to work, then a good spray with the Bio Blitz. End result? Odour all gone and stools put to good use. I did the same when I bought a second hand car which contained the lingering odours of the previous owners. Once again I sprayed the upholstery with water then the Bio Blitz and let the friendly little bacteria guys do their work. It’s now a nice car to get into. We use the same product to spray in our showers to eat up and neutralise any bad bacteria trying to get a foot hold. I have since purchased other friendly bacteria based products from Bio Natural Solutions to clean up a septic system, and counter the dam water bacteria in irrigation tanks.
It’s a great product.
Russel Knoll