WeeOn™ Urinal Sanitiser Blocks

Refill Blocks suitable for Wee on™ Urinal Screen
The Wee On™ Urinal Blocks is contains a water soluble bio-block that disinfects and deodorises men’s urinals. These bio-blocks are made with natural and friendly bacteria that digests urine, uric salt, (urea) ammonia and organic matter.
Wee On™ breaks down urine and related waste products down to water and basic minerals preventing blockages and build-ups. It contains a natural pleasant fragrance that deodorises and freshens the urinal.

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Directions for use
Remove waste from the Urinal and soak in a diluted solution of Bio Blitz™ Bio-bacterial multi-purpose cleaner. While soaking, spray urinal with diluted Bio-Blitz™ Bio-bacterial multi-purpose cleaner and wipe clean.
Prise top of cartridge from base and remove plate. Insert refill block into cartridge top and place disc on top of refill block. Gently press base and top of cartridge together until they click. Reinsert cartridge into urinal or place a Wee On™ Urinal Block into urinal.

Wee On™ Urinal Sanitiser Refill Blocks, will perform best when stored in their original container and out of direct heat and sunlight.

20 Refill Blocks, 40 Refill Blocks.

Wee On Urinal Screen

Wee On Urinal Screen

See Wee On™ Urinal Screen.


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20 Blocks, 40 Blocks


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