Wee Off™

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Tough on the stains & odour, easy on the environment
Wee Off™ Bio-Bacterial Stains & Odour Remover is a natural and revolutionary way of removing the cause of pet stains removal and odours from any hard and soft surfaces.

Removes pet stains & odours caused by:

  • Animal & human urine, sweat
  • Vomit, blood, faeces, bodily fluids
  • Tea, coffee, milk, orange juice, Cordial, soft drink

Ideal for use on:

  • Carpets, underlay, mattresses, curtains, fabrics
  • Concrete, brick, wood
  • Furniture, walls, wood & tile floors
  • Synthetic grass, artificial turf
  • Urinals & tiles

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Wee Off™ Stain and Odour Remover

Product Details

Wee Off™ is unlike any other cleaner on the market! Wee Off™ contains billions of friendly bacteria, scientifically proven to breakdown organic matter into simple chemical compounds, found naturally in the environment. On contact, our bacteria work like an efficient army of cleaners on messes & pet stains, getting to work straight away producing enzymes to break down the organic matter that cause stains and odours, feeding on the waste particles & converting it to simple natural compounds, all the while multiplying, producing enzymes and feeding until the Pet stains & odours have gone.

125ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 15 Litre, 20 Litre, Empty bottle.

Wee Off™ Directions

Follow these directions carefully to ensure that you get the best results.

  1. Shake well before use & DO NOT dilute
  2. Always check for colorfastness
  3. Pick up solids and wipe or blot excess liquid
  4. Dampen the affective area with cold water, this will create a moist environment for the bacteria to start work.
  5. Spray Wee Off™ on the affected area and allow to air dry. If area is in sunlight, provide shade so that the area does not dry too quickly – this will allow the bacteria in Wee Off™ time to work. DO NOT rub or scrub
  6. Use the Wee Off™ Urine Detector light to locate hard to find, urine affected areas
  7. After 12-24 hours, if needed, vacuum or wipe any residue
  8. Repeat application for older stains if required
  9. Do not cross contaminate with chemicals, this will kill the beneficial bacteria in Wee Off™

For heavy stains
Clean carpet by hot water extraction without the use of detergents or rinse agents, then spray Wee Off™ over the entire carpet, ensuring base boards are also treated. Allow to air dry.

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125 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 15 Litre, 20 Litre, Spray Bottle Empty

7 reviews for Wee Off™

  1. Leslie Mupeta

    I have found Wee Off an unbelievable product!
    As a commercial cleaner I often get clients requiring urine treatment. I turned to bio natural solutions after spending close to $400 on a number of different products that failed to work. Gary patiently listened to my predicament and straight away sent me 2 bottles of Wee Off. I returned to site and applied the product as Gary had instructed, and within 30 minutes the room was starting to smell a little better.
    I returned to the site 24 hours later and the stench had completely gone! I would recommend Wee Off to anyone that has pets or is in the cleaning industry.
    This product is amazing! It really works!

  2. Milmax Cavoodles (verified owner)

    As a Breeder, I use nothing but this Product. Fresh Fragrance, Non Staining and I’m always being complimented on how Clean everything is. Simple to use, Highly Recommended

  3. Sue Delaney

    Can’t fault this product, easy to use and effective. Been using for over 5 years and have recommended to many of my doggy friends and my puppy buyers.

  4. Courtnay

    Fantastic product. With a new puppy in the house, keeping everything clean can be difficult! The house is now smelling great and I love that I’m not using harsh chemicals on my floors and furniture. Easy product to use and will definitely recommend to anyone with pets!

  5. Theresa bradley (verified owner)

    After our greyhound had quite a few teeth removed, he was still bleeding a lot. At the time I was more concerned about him than the carpet and bedding. There was a LOT of blood, and it looked a bit like a horror film. Wee Off removed every last bit of the blood – I was amazed and thrilled with the results! I highly recommend this product – it is THE BEST at removing organic stains.

  6. Gillian Darcy

    What a great product. After trying so many other products I found in pet stored that claim to do the same thing, this is the only one that actually works and doesn’t just mask odours with perfume – it actually gets to the problem itself. I also used it to remove pet stains in my carpet and it worked first time, and with little effort. Good to know it’s also a natural product. Win, win!

  7. margaret aracena

    I have an elderly cat with incontinence issues, and I have tried so many different products, but they have been disappointing and all left stains. Then I tried wee off and it actually works wonders. Now when kitty has an accident I don’t have to stress so much as I know I have a wonderful product to take care of it. I also don’t have to worry about spraying nasty chemicals everywhere as wee off is natural.

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