Wee Off™ Starter Pack

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Powerful fluorescent UV lights used to located hard to find urine stains. Coupled with the revolutionary Wee Off™ stain and odour remover you can tackle those little accidents.
A natural and revolutionary way of removing tough stains and odours from any hard and soft surface.


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Product Details

Removes stains and odours caused by:

  • Animal & human urine, sweat
  • Vomit, blood, faeces, bodily fluids
  • Tea, coffee, milk, orange juice, Cordial, soft drink

Ideal for use on:

  • Carpets, underlay, mattresses, curtains, fabrics
  • Concrete, brick, wood
  • Furniture, walls, wood & tile floors
  • Synthetic grass, artificial turf
  • Urinals & tiles


Follow these directions carefully to ensure that you get the best results.

  1. Shake well before use & DO NOT dilute
  2. Always check for colorfastness
  3. Pick up solids and wipe or blot excess liquid
  4. Dampen the affective area with cold water, this will create a moist environment for the bacteria to start work.
  5. Spray Wee Off™ on the affected area and allow to air dry. If area is in sunlight, provide shade so that the area does not dry too quickly – this will allow the bacteria in Wee Off™ time to work. DO NOT rub or scrub
  6. Use the Wee Off™ Urine Detector light to locate hard to find, urine affected areas
  7. After 12-24 hours, if needed, vacuum or wipe any residue
  8. Repeat application for older stains if required
  9. Do not cross contaminate with chemicals, this will kill the beneficial bacteria in Wee Off™

For heavy stains
Clean carpet by hot water extraction without the use of detergents or rinse agents, then spray Wee Off™ over the entire carpet, ensuring base boards are also treated. Allow to air dry.

2 reviews for Wee Off™ Starter Pack

  1. Kelly Yager (verified owner)

    Brilliant! I’ve had it two days and already there is a difference in my cats and me.
    After the surprise of the messes revealed by the UV torchlight I picked the most popular spots by my senior cat and did a light spray of water followed by a few squirts of Wee Off.
    The smell is slightly citrusy but not overwhelming. A review of those spots the next day saw a huge reduction in the spots under the UV light.
    I had originally stopped my senior cat coming into the house the previous two days and nights. When I invited him in I didn’t feel the stress or fear that he would pee, mark or spray as I knew I could reach for theWee Off and repair the smell and stain.

  2. Andres

    This product is perfect, my dog did his thing on one of my carpets, I used this product, both the smell and the stain disappeared!! recommended 100%

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