Spa Enzymes

Freshens & Makes Water Silky
Eliminates body oils, cosmetics, urine & other organic material, leaving spas crystal clear while adding a luxurious, silky feel to the water. Regular use will eliminate scum & waterline build-up, stabilise pH levels, reduce the need for excessive amounts of chemicals and retard the growth of mould & mildew, particularly around the spa area & throughout pump pipework.

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Freshens & Makes Water Silky

  • Minimises chemical odours
  • Stabilises pH
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Cleans spa filters
  • Compatible with sanitisers
Start & End of Spa Season:
60 ml per 2000 litres
Weekly: 30 ml per 2000 litres
For best results knowing the dimentions of your spa is key to getting the right dosage.
Please contact our office for help and advice on dosage.
Apply at temperatures between 10-45°C& pH is at recommended levels.
If possible, use automated pump to disperse.
Do not mix directly with sanitisers or other chemicals
Performance of product will improve with frequent application.
Use within 12 months.


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