Smart Dose

Automated dosing unit for Pools, Spas, Grease Traps and Mainline Sewers
Smart Dose automatically times your dosing requirements, giving you peace of mind for your maintenance cleaning regimant. Its Australian made with low energy consumption, battery backup and vermon resistant. It comes with everything you need to setup, with local support and a 3 year warranty.



  • Allows to operate a dosing pump on a timer
  • Two timers can be selected per day
  • Peace of mind, set the controller on Auto mode to run on a daily timer
  • Easy install, comes with everything you need
  • Low Energy consumption
  • 3-year warranty
  • Australian made
  • Built in clock with battery backup
  • Vermon Resistant
  • Large Backlit LCD module
  • Innovative design


Smart Dose Manual

smart dose product and kit


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