Green Sleeve™ Urinal Sanitiser

The Green Sleeve™ is a consumable retro-fitting device for urinals that locks in odours and prevents foreign matter entering the pipe work. The Green Sleeve™ deals with common urinal problems by eliminating unpleasant smells, reducing blockages, improving hygiene, enhancing washroom appearance and reducing both operating and maintenance costs.
The New Green Sleeve™ H2O is specifically designed to retrofit the *CAROMA® H2ZERO™ CUBE3 and it easy fits into the existing outlet hole without the need for additional components.
*CAROMA® H2ZERO™ CUBE3 are registered trade mark of Caroma Industries Limited.

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Water saving benefits
The Green Sleeve™ is a very innovative device that helps to save up to 98% water per urinal per year. By installing the green sleeve, you will be turning you existing urinals into semiwaterless urinals and save up to 150,000Litres of fresh water per year. You will also save on discharging rates because you will be flushing away less water.

Green Sleeve™ benefits

  • Lasts up to three months
  • Improves urinal presentation, efficiency and freshness
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Digests uric salt
  • Watermark license number: ATS 5200.040 WKMLN 60077
  • Reduces both water and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates blockages
  • Septic tank safe
How it works
The Green Sleeve™ releases millions of friendly bacteria that digest uric salt, organic waste and sludge deposits. It lasts up to three months maintaining urinal efficiency and presentation.
The Green Sleeve™ comes with a copper inhibitor that helps to coat the pipe work, preventing corrosion caused by the uric salt and ammonia present in urine. The Green Sleeve provides both water saving and hygiene benefits.

The Green Sleeve™ fits into any type of urinal by installing a waste adapter. We manufacture waste adapters that are designed to fit all sizes of water outlets found in wall and trough urinals, from 50 to 120mm diameter.
See Waste Adapters.

White, Chrome, H2O CUBE, H2O Chrome, H2 ZERO, 50cm Extension.


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50cm Extension, Chrome, H2 ZERO, H2O Chrome, H2O CUBE, White


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