BioCidal Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Contains vircidal properties.
BioCidal is a concentrated commercial grade quaternary ammonium compound (TGA approved by the Department of health for COVID-19) surface disinfectant with a highly residual perfume to eliminate unpleasant odours. BioCidal will clean floors, walls, tiles, porcelain and laminated benches, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Suitable for use in hospitals, restaurants, hotels/motels and general industry. Please contact BNS directly for wholesale prices as well as a range of other sizes available.

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Product Details

Contains vircidal properties
Contains Quaternary ammonium compounds (alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides).
Environmental Cleaning for the workplace
Concentrated Formula
With only 1 litre of BioCidal you can make up to 50 litres of cleaning product, which gives it greater flexibility and makes it more cost effective. Concentrated formulas carry environmental benefits producing a smaller carbon footprint due to the use of less plastic and other packaging materials per product unit, require less fuel consumption during shipping, and contain less materials for disposal.
The surfactants used in BioCidal are biodegradable. The product dilutes, posing less risk in terms of other chemicals.
Biocidal is non hazardous. Careful handling will prevent irritation to eyes and throat (wear goggles and gloves). Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for further product safety information.
1 litre, 5 litre, empty bottle.

BioCidal Application

The diluted solution should be applied to the surface to be cleaned using a spray bottle or mop & bucket. The following ratios are based off 1 litre container volume:

Type Dilution
LIGHT CLEANING 50:1 20 ml of BioCidal & Fill with water
STANDARD CLEANING 20:1 50 ml of BioCidal & Fill with water
HEAVY CLEANING 10:1 100 ml of BioCidal & Fill with water
SPRAY & WIPE 5:1 200 ml of Biological & Fill with water


BioCidal Biological Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Appropriate Use of Disinfectants

Additional information


1 Litre, 5 Litre, Empty Bottle


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