Product Focus: Dam Buster™

Testimonials by Mark and Rosemary


Rosemary (my partner) and I are very impressed with how a dam was transformed in as little as three days. Not only was the water muddy, but smelly, and when gravity feeding down the pipe to trough, some with automatic feeders for horses to drink, everyday was clogging up the filter. Which then needed to be cleaned several times, just to get enough water for six horses to drink for the day. To be honest, after going through the filter, the look and the smell of the water was not really what you wanted your horses to drink. After three days it is improved magnificently!

What is Dam Buster

Brings water sources back to life. 100% Safe for Fish and Yabbies.
Working from the bottom up Dam Buster™ consumes the nutrients that Algae need to survive leaving irrigation and watering dams clean and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. Dam Buster™ is a proven, cost effective and environmentally solution for your dam.
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The Problem

In the middle of the recent hot, dry summer, the dam water that we were giving our horses to drink was becoming a revolting yellow/green colour, and smelt bad. It was gravity feeding through a long pipe with a filter. Instead of cleaning the filter every day or so, Rosemary was cleaning it several times every morning, in the course of filling the troughs for seven horses, and still it stank bad!

The Results

After first using the Dam Buster soluble bags, it took three days to see an improvement in the algae present, and it continued improving for weeks. Of course the filter still needed cleaning to remove pieces of grass, twigs and leaves that had blown into it, and more after a storm which had washed debris in; but all the same there is a distinct improvement; in fact, Rosemary comments, the plastic filter, has now regained the original pristine white colour that it had when first it came out of its packet!


Extra tips around the farm

We use Grey Water to grow vegetables for our own use… water is limited. I have been told, that grey water should be used within a day or two and not be stored and allowed to be come smelly. So when it actually rains, and the grey water tank becomes full of water from the washing machine etc, and the garden does not need watering because of the rain, what do you do? The grey water becomes smelly. Simply add a little DamBuster: the grey water tank then becomes cleaner than it had been for I do not know how long…. And we happily used it when dry conditions return as they inevitably do.

A Chicken Yard: We have seventeen chickens hatched in an incubator. They are let out to free range on grass and grubs for a couple of hours per day. (If we leave them free full time from dawn to dark, they will destroy all the grass, and unfortunately, the local free range foxes will visit; but when it rains, the yard becomes very smelly, despite the straw and wood much on the flow. With addition of some DamBuster, and some more mulch, the smell is gone, and with more rain does the smell not return. Soon we will add some sand, and eventually remove the whole lot, as rich soil, with plenty of compost ready to add to a garden bed.