Why are Bacterial cleaning products better than chemical based products?

In order to completely break down waste to its most basic level, a “team” of various enzymes are needed. Bacteria produce this team of enzymes throughout the cleaning process as they are living organisms, remaining alive until all the waste is decomposed to a pH neutral state

Can the Biological Cleaner concentrate be used for anything else?

The Biological Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner that replaces nearly all cleaning products. The Biological Cleaner is great to mop floors, clean benches, mirrors, showers, etc. Always mix it with cold water and make sure you replace all those nasty chemical cleaners and make Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner part of your cleaning routine.

How much time will we save by using your biological cleaning products?

Cleaners are often blamed for not doing their job when offensive odors are present in washrooms. With the use of our biological cleaning products, cleaners will save up 40% of the total cleaning time as the product will remove the source of the problem.

What should we use to clean or wipe with when using your products?

For best results, we recommend using a microfiber cloth and mop head.

Other manufacturers claim to have a higher bacteria count?

This is simple a marketing/sale hype to push that their product is better. Having more bacteria in not the answer, but having the right combination of bacteria is. Our products contain 6 specifically selected patented bacteria which all have an important role in removing the organic matter.


Why are your urinal sanitisers different to the others?

Our biological cleaning products contain friendly bacteria which produce enzymes that source and feed on the uric salt, sludge and scale that is found in urinals. This process guarantees that the pipe work does not clog preventing smells and water pooling.

Chemical cleaning products only mask the smell and don’t treat the source of the problem. Being biological our products are environmentally friendly.

How much water will be saved using BNS water saving products?

It is widely recognized that washrooms, in particular urinals, are the biggest contributor to wasting water. With the cost of water increasing, businesses are looking to reduce their water usage. With the water saving systems installed and user education on reducing water, businesses can save up to 98% of water currently being used.

How long will the Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks last?

This will depend on the on a number of factors ranging from traffic and flushing volume and the number of times the urinal is flush during the day. On average, one block can last up to 15 days and is replaced once the block has reached 10% of its size. There are 50 blocks per tub and if the container is sealed and stored in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight, the blocks will last up to two years.

Can I use our normal cleaning products with the Bio Blitz urinal blocks, Green Sleeve or Wee On?

No, if you mix your cleaning products that contain bleach, disinfectants, acids or other chemicals will harm the good bacteria in our products reducing the effectiveness of our biological products.

What can I use to clean the urinal?

We strongly recommend using Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner as it has been designed to work with our Eco-friendly urinal sanitisers. The bacteria found in the bio-blocks are also used in the cleaner which enhances these products performance.

Can't we just turn the water off to the urinal?

No, absolutely not. This is against Australian plumbing regulations and will only represent future issues as you will get many blockages and nasty smells. Our system has been designed to use a small amount of water to help flush the build up of uric salt and sludge. Our Smart Flush is a very flexible urinal timer that can be programmed to flush the urinals for an adjustable time interval and every day can be set up individually. Best of all is Australian Made.

Do we require installing any hardware for the system to work?

If you are only placing the Bio Blitz urinal blocks or the Wee On urinal screen, you do not need to install anything.

If you are using the Green Sleeve, you are required to install a waste adapter. This is a one time job. Thereafter, the Green Sleeve does not require any installation.

If you wish to install our complete water saving system, you do require installing hardware for the system to work. This hardware can be installed by a licensed plumber.

Is the water saving system easy to maintain?

Yes, cleaners just need to monitor the blocks, urinal screen or Green Sleeve everyday and replace them if needed. Urinals should be cleaned with the Biological Cleaner. The timer has the option to conduct flush tests at any time to facilitate cleaning.

Can a controlled flush program timer or sensors be used?

Yes, as many office building washrooms have automatic flushing via a timer or sensor, it’s a perfect way to flush the urinal. We have automatic timers which can assist the flushing. The timer must be installed by a licensed plumber and a electrician may be require if a power point is not accessible in the ceiling of the washroom. Remember to set the timer correctly as over flushing will consume the block quicker.

Why does the urinal still smell?

We have found that in most cases it’s not the urinal but the floor or floor wastes surrounding the urinal. Men have a habit of missing the urinal bowl and urine ends up on the floor. By using the biological cleaner concentrate to mop the floors, you will guarantee that the urine will not get into the tile grout/concrete and cause smells.

What can go wrong if we install the blocks, screens or sleeves?

Nothing, if the system is maintained correctly the urinals will be odor free. The bacteria found in the blocks and cleaner will only break down the uric salts and sludge and will prevent hair, cigarette butts and other foreign matters to enter the system. Daily cleaning to remove any debris from the urinal bowl is required. Pouring the mop bucket water down the drain can also harm the bacteria in the blocks.