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Calculating your dam volume and dosage for Dam Buster

What’s your dam volume?

Surface area can easily be determined by measuring the length and width of your dam. To get a more accurate result, Google earth can be used. Simply search for your dam, click the “measure” option and outlining your dam. This with provide you with the surface area of your dam (length x width).

If you do not know the depth of your dam, it can be measure by walking into the deepest section and measuring with a stake or other long straight object. Measure the depth of the sludge in your dam whilst doing this as it is used in the following section.
Input your measurements into the calculators or use the formula provided.

Basic Volume Calculator
Surface Area Volume Calculator
The formula
ML = ( (length x Width) x depth x 0.4) / 1000
(Note: slope = 0.4)
For example
0.24ML = ( (10m x 15m) x 4m x 0.4) / 1000

Identify The Problem

Most dams fall under one of three categories:

  1. Algae and/or duckweed infected with light sludge (sludge base 20% or less of the dam).
  2. Algae and/or duckweed infected with heavy sludge (sludge base 20%-60%).
  3. Algae and/or duckweed infected with extreme sludge (sludge base 60%+) please contact BNS for custom solutions.

Determine dosage schedule

DamBuster comes in water soluble bags and need only be throw into the dam as determined by your dosage schedule. Please note that the dosage schedules provided here are approximations and are intended to be used as a guide only. Given that every dam is slightly different, please contact us for a free personalised dosage schedule.

For first two weeks, spread dosage over 2 days (e.g. Monday and Thursday) 

How to dose your dam?

For the most effective application apply the bags in a grid pattern based on your dosage amounts as shown here.

What is Dam Buster

Brings water sources back to life. 100% Safe for Fish and Yabbies.
Working from the bottom up Dam Buster™ consumes the nutrients that Algae need to survive leaving irrigation and watering dams clean and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. Dam Buster™ is a proven, cost effective and environmentally solution for your dam.
Read about it at the Weekly Times here!

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