Customer Focus: Dam Buster™

Testimonials by Kerry and Trevor Peeler


We discovered Dam Buster™ after googling online looking for answers on how to eradicate the unsightly green algae that had completely covered our dam. We have our dam stocked with fish and also irrigate from it, so we didn’t want to use harsh chemicals.

After watching a Dam Buster™ testimonial online we decided to give Bio Natural Solutions a phone call and after speaking with them placed an order for Dam Buster™.

The Problem

The Results

We cannot speak highly enough of this product, we were amazed at how quickly it worked. honestly, it cleared our dam in a matter of weeks! We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes.

Dam Buster™ and Bio Natural solutions, a big thank you from us for doing exactly what you promised.

Kerry and Trevor Peeler
Peeler Family Orchards
Harcourt, Victoria


What is Dam Buster

Brings water sources back to life. 100% Safe for Fish and Yabbies.
Working from the bottom up Dam Buster™ consumes the nutrients that Algae need to survive leaving irrigation and watering dams clean and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. Dam Buster™ is a proven, cost effective and environmentally solution for your dam.
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