Bio Natural Solutions is an Australian Owned & Operated Company that was established in 2008. Our goal is to provide cleaning solutions for domestic and industrial use through Bio-innovation.

We offer an extensive range of highly effective eco-friendly cleaning products, water saving solutions and wastewater treatments based on Bio-Microbial technology. Our innovative technology consists of billions of specifically selected bacteria that target and digest organic matter eliminating the source of cleaning problems rather than masking them. This process guarantees a natural way to treat common cleaning problems without harsh chemicals, making cleaning tasks simpler and greener.

Customer Focus: Dam Buster™

Customer Focus: Dam Buster™ Testimonials by Kerry and Trevor Peeler Introduction The Problem The Results What is Dam Buster Related Products Introduction We discovered Dam Buster™ after googling online looking for answers on how to eradicate the unsightly green algae...

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Product Focus: Dam Buster™

Product Focus: Dam Buster™ Testimonials by Mark and Rosemary Introduction What is Dam Buster The Problem The Results Extra Tips Related Products Introduction Rosemary (my partner) and I are very impressed with how a dam was transformed in as little as...

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