2GB Pet Talk about Wee Off

Kaye Browne is a Pet commentator for Veterinary professionals. speaking to Steve Smith on 2GB about Wee Off.

Audio Transcript
Steve: Now tell us about this new product, that takes the smell away from dog and cat accidents, we need one of these.

Kaye: You are looking at someone that has been looking and has tried so many products over the years. Anyone that has umm, dogs or cats for that matter. Knows that, you know, it’s a little embarrassing, as soon as you know someone is coming over, you rush to get you know the spray.

Steve: The spray, yeah.

Kaye: I do. I have tried so many things, there’s umm, urinal off, urine free, there is another pee off, I’m doing the nice version. But, I have found something I was researching and I thought there’s got to be a better way. I found an Australian product. Which actually is a biological agent, so its actually the, its a precursor. A lot of these other products have enzymes in them, and they do not a bad job, I’m not saying they are bad, its just that it doesn’t last long. So I have found something that is actually has umm, billions of really specific bacteria in it and you spray. We know if things have been done, if you’ve got a big area out the back like I have on the artificial grass, you can get a bigger product, mix it in with water, spray it around. Hallelujah!

Steve: Oh really? That good?

Kaye: It really does work!

Steve: Ah what’s it called?

Kaye: It’s called, well there is two of them Wee Off is the one for inside and Bio Blitz is for outside.

Steve: Bio Blitz outside on the tiles

Kaye: Or on the artificial grass, even on little bushes or steps. You know how, the neighbours cat comes around and does his spray and you get that awful smell.

Steve: Yep, yeah.

Kaye: And it’s available through a website, bnsolutions.com.au and that stands for Bio Natural Solutions.

Steve: B, n, for nelly, solutions, dot com dot au, alright.

Kaye: Yeah, and its not that expensive, I bought some, cause I didn’t want to, you know, say it was good until I tried it and I am quietly in heaven.

Steve: Ok, Bio Natural Solutions, if Kaye is saying that considering the time she has spent around animals for most of her life, it must work. So get ahold of that product, and it does clear up that terrible acidic smell that you get out of the accidents.